Birth of the National Indigenous Council CNI { 56 images } Created 7 Apr 2017

The Mexican National Indigenous Congress, in 2016/2017 after several meetings, launches the proposal of an indigenous candidate for the elections of 2018. They gather several times, hosted by the Zapatistas in Chiapas, to discuss the issue. Representatives of all the indigenous peoples of Mexico came to Chiapas to support the proposal.
During the gatherings they invited the civil society from all over the world to speak and learn about science (the ConCiencias meeting) and art (the CompArte meeting)
Il Congresso Nazionale Indigeno, nel 2016/2017 arriva a una svolta, lancia la proposta di una candidata indigena per elezioni 2018. Si sono riuniti varie volte, ospitati dagli zapatisti in Chiapas, per discutere la questione. Rappresentanti di tutti i popoli indigeni del Messico sono accorsi in Chiapas per appoggiare la proposta.
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